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7 Fundamentals to a Joyful and Robust Life in Real Estate

Fundamentals are essential in any endeavor. As a real estate professional, you have an opportunity to create a lifestyle filled with joy, along with financial reward. My 7 Fundamentals to a Joyful and Robust Life in Real Estate will help guide you to building a brighter future.

1.  Combine your life style with your business style. Think about the type of business you want and the lifestyle you desire. Do you work so you can play? Or because you love your job? Or both? Keep yourself in balance. Success is different for everyone; the key is to make it work profitably and work well for you. Define your goals, then write a business plan. Refer back to your business plan whenever you feel lost or off-track. Readjust it as your directions change.

2.  YOUR business, YOUR way. You need to be yourself to handle the pressures in real estate. Be true to who you are. Be observant and learn from others, but adapt concepts and techniques into your own style. If you are built like a running back, be a running back. Don’t try to be a horse jockey. You will crash and burn if you pretend to be someone other than your true self. Stretch your comfort zone but stay who you are. Your future will thank you.

3.  Environment is important. We absorb what we are around. Make sure your physical workspace, your associates and the real estate model in which you work all maximize your ability to perform. You must feel good in your environment. A proper environment will put a smile on your face and give you an upbeat attitude that will radiate and affect your clients. Would you rather be in a situation where you are swimming upstream and making life hard, or go with the current and be more productive? Commission plans are important, but the overall environment is more important. When you are in an environment that fits you well, helping clients becomes a natural byproduct.

4.  Eat some humble pie from time to time. Someone who acts like they know everything doesn’t gain clients’ trust. Educate yourself enough to know a lot, but be humble – and honest — enough to tell clients if you need to get some answers. In real estate, you will have contact with various personalities and styles. Clients are like homes: none are perfect and they are different from one another. Being both humble and educated, you become open to ideas and solutions that will help you with all the types of clients you will encounter.

5.  Organize for action, not perfection. You are self-employed: the chief cook and bottle washer of your business, so you must to be organized. Setting up your systems and implementing them is important. But don’t get caught up in perpetual planning of perfection and falling into “getting ready” for business. Helping clients is Job One. Do things that bring in business. Create leads, follow leads, get in front of people. Own your day, get in the action.

6.  Automate. Putting technology to work for you will ultimately give you more time for both business and personal life. Establish automated workflows for buyers, sellers and escrows. Automate delivering valuable information to your sphere. Create landing pages on your website to generate leads. Choose systems and technology that are best for your business style, not just because they are the latest technology. Whether you are one person, a team or a small office, automation gives you time for things that require your personal touch.

7.  Start your day with real estate knowledge. First thing each morning, get up to speed on real estate news and activity in your market. Scan the headlines and articles of industry news. Go into your MLS and view the daily market report of new listings, under contracts, price changes, expirations and sold listings. Fortifying your knowledge daily puts you in excellent position when a casual conversation with an acquaintance turns into one in which he or she asks you a real estate question. Then you will prove yourself to be the local expert they have been seeking.

Create the future of your dreams by taking care of these 7 fundamental elements. When you do, your life and career can become joyful and robust.