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Marketing For Your Brand

marketing-graphicAs independent real estate professionals, we always need to focus on putting our best foot forward.

Marketing for results and building our brand are essential aspects of our business. Marketing should match our business plan, especially our target clientele. By creating professional marketing pieces that are appropriate for our brand, we are creating magnets that help build our client base.

Our materials need to be professional, have simplicity, be appropriate and consistent.

  • PROFESSIONAL – Use layouts that have a professional, clean look. Consider purchasing or developing professional templates into which you can plug your information easily and get the look you desire. Using templates will also prevent forgetting to include the who, what, where and when on pieces that require them.
  • SIMPLICITY – Simplicity in style and content keeps your reader/viewer’s focus. Avoid using too many colors, multiple font styles and inserting too many elements. Keeping things simple will help potential clients be clear about who you are, the name of your company and what you want them to know.
  • APPROPRIATE – Make sure the look and feel of your materials are representative of the clientele you are seeking. For example, the luxury market requires sophisticated materials, whereas first-time buyers and sellers may appreciate greater explanation of the process featuring how-to steps. If you are marketing yourself as a local expert, your materials should be representative of your local community, such as coastal, mountain, metro or small town. The types of fonts and colors you select will all become part of your message.
  • CONSISTENT – Make sure all your materials have the look and feel you have chosen, from your business cards to printed ads, internet marketing and your website. Branding can be subtle. The consistency of your materials will impart a feeling to your clients. They may not know exactly why they think of you in a certain way, but they will.

Once you develop your materials, you will no longer have to reinvent the wheel each time you get a new listing or develop a new marketing piece. It will be easy to plug and play. And it will be simple to improve your templates from time to time to keep them fresh.

Spending the time to develop your marketing materials professionally will help you build your brand, while also giving you confidence in your business.