Zōhme encompasses the spirit of why we choose real estate as a career: Freedom, independence and the ability to call our own shots. We personally develop a close connection with our clients to better help them. Real estate is the perfect one-on-one business. There is no need for corporate layers in the process.


Today’s technology allows us to streamline our lives, helping us be more productive, efficient and flexible­ than ever. Our real estate careers need to keep up with the times. After all, you don’t conduct business using a rotary dial phone and typewriter, do you?

Is Zōhme Realty Network a franchisor/franchisee brokerage model?

No, Zōhme Realty Network is a membership guild of real estate professionals. As a member of Zōhme you are free to operate your business where you like and how you believe is best for your local market.

When I sign up with Zōhme Realty Network, are you my real estate broker? Do you supervise our transactions?

No, Zōhme is not your real estate broker and you are not hanging your license under us. We license to you the use of our Zōhme name and trademarked logo, and our marketing, productivity and organizational tools. You form your own company or become an associate under a Zōhme employing broker. Zōhme brokers own and operate their business independently.

 Why is Zōhme not a franchisor/franchisee model?

The Zōhme licensing agreement is simple and straight forward. It allows you more freedom to run your business more effectively for your local market.

Zōhme is designed around the basic concept that clients first pick their real estate professional because of the trust and confidence they have in that professional and secondly because of the company they work for. Zōhme understands that you as the local professional know best how to be the local expert in your market.

Zōhme purposely is not corporate with layers of management implementing unnecessary corporate procedures and controls. We want to free you up to be able to do what is best for your firm and your lifestyle.

We believe the best way we can help your local success is by keeping you current with some of the latest technologies so you can concentrate on providing even better service to your clients. Zōhme provides you branding in something bigger than yourself and support within a guild of real estate professionals.

 What business name do I use?

You are free to choose a name that you feel is best for your business. Zōhme is a membership guild and not a franchisor/franchisee model. Your legal name with your state/province should have in it Realty, Real Estate or something similar. Examples: Smith & Smith Realty Group, The Smith Real Estate Team, Green Valley Realty Associates, Green Valley Real Estate Group.

What logo can I use?

We understand how important it is for you to present the image you want for your local market. Our logo maker will help you pick your font and your colors.

Your company name will be predominant and your Zōhme affiliation will be secondary. Studies continually show the number one reason customers choose to become your clients, is based on the trust they have in you to help them with their real estate needs. Our role at Zōhme is to support you as the local expert and put you out front.

 As an Employing Broker, am I free to set up my own brokerage fees and commission schedule with my agents?

Yes, as an Employing Broker, you can set up any brokerage fee structure and commission schedule with your agents as you wish, subject to laws in your state/province. Zōhme does not participate in any of your commissions. You own and operate your business independently. Zōhme Realty Network does not regulate, recommend or advise on brokerage fees, commission schedules or on transactional or operational policies.

I am an Employing Broker. Do all my agents need to become members of Zōhme?

Yes, as an employing broker, all your agents, sales associates and licensees must be Zōhme members to be listed with your firm and have access to, or to use any of our tools.

I have a sales associate license from my state and I must be licensed under an Employing Broker. May I join Zōhme?

Yes, but you must hang your license under an Employing Broker who is a Zōhme Member.

Who chooses where I may open my office?

You choose your location. You can work from home, a commercial office or retail location. It is up to you.

 How long does my Zōhme membership last?

You remain a Zōhme member as long as you continue to pay your membership fee. We hope you stay with us forever! Our concept is specifically simple so you are able to design your business for your lifestyle. We believe this will help prevent burnout in your career. We want you to have a balanced career that can go side by side with your personal life goals.

If I move, will my membership move with me?

Yes, simply update your profile with your changes on our members-only website and your public information will automatically reflect your new location. That is one of the simplicity features of Zōhme. You are not buying a franchise or territory. You are free to operate your business where it is best for you and your lifestyle.

With my present agency I receive compensation when training rookies in our company. Is it possible for residuals with Zōhme when training rookie agents?

You own and operate your own business, so you are welcome to institute residuals or other training compensation within your own company as you wish. Zōhme does not participate in any of your commissions. All financial arrangements take place within your own company and are outside of our scope.

I am in the process of getting my real estate license; can I sign up before my license is issued so I can get my marketing in place?

No, membership requires a valid real estate license in your state/province. Once you pass your test and are licensed, you may then join Zōhme and begin with your marketing, productivity and organizational materials the same day.

I want to build a value in my business so I could sell it someday. When I do so, do I transfer my Zōhme membership to the new owner of my company?

No, your membership is not transferrable. If you sell your business assets, the new owner simply needs to join Zōhme to continue using the Zōhme name, trademarked logo and the provided tools and materials.

I have unlicensed real estate assistants; can they sign up as members of Zōhme?

No, membership is only open to real estate licensees. However, you can add them to your customizable Zōhme website as a member of your team and as a user in your CRM package.

Do I need to be a member of the local, state or national associations of REALTORS® to be a member of Zōhme?

No, although we believe memberships in REALTOR® organizations can be beneficial, they are not required for Zōhme membership.

What is your membership pricing?

Principal Brokers:  $327 per month.

Sales Associates:  $197 per month.

Do you charge transaction percentages off the top of a commission?


Do you charge a flat fee for each transaction side?


Do you charge an advertising/marketing fee?


How do I get started with Zōhme?

Simply go to our Join Now page, select Zōhme Membership Enrollment for either Principal Brokers or Sales Associate, fill out the membership form and make your payment. Note to Sales Associates, you will need your employing brokers Zōhme Membership number.